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The wonderful thing about moviemaking is that it has all these sequences that flow into each other but are very unlike each other. Writing is the first thing and is the primal thing. Then you go into preproduction, and that's a different thing. You go into casting, and that's a different thing. Shooting is its own little world. Editing is almost like writing in that it's sort of contemplative, and it's not quite the time pressure normally that you have, except you have other people around, and there's technology involved. And then, the sound mix, which is perhaps the least understood aspect of filmmaking. All of those elements are critically important, and they all have different tones and modes. You're in a completely different mode for each of them. I love them all, and they are all in their own way equally important, because you can make or break a film at any one of those stages.

Writing is difficult because it's the primal act. It is the leap from nothing to something. It is always the most difficult for me, anyway. While I'm making a movie, I'm a moviemaker, and then I have to relearn how to be a writer. I literally have to remember how to type because I don't even type while I'm making a film. Believe me, it's very hard to get back into being a writer. I'd say that for me writing is the hardest because it's the loneliest job of all. You only have yourself to generate it, whereas when you're making a movie there are always other people around. You can absorb their energy. There's pleasure and pain involved in every segment of moviemaking. Perhaps that's what makes it so attractive.

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Film Making

Film Making

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