Battle of the Rails France Director Ren Clment

Production: Coopérative Générale du Cinéma Français; black and white, 35mm; running time: 87 minutes; length: 7800 feet. Released 1945. Filmed, for the most part, in 1945 on location in France.

Screenplay: René Clémént and Colette Audry, with Jean Daurand, based on stories told to Colette Audry by members of the Resistance; photography: Henri Alekan; editor: Jacques Desagneaux; music: Yves Baudrier. The film contains documentary footage shot by an unknown amateur filmmaker.

Cast: Antoine Laurent (Camargue); Jacques Desagneux (Maquis Chief); Leroy (Station master); Redon (Mechanic); Pauléon (Station master at St. André); Rauzena (Shunter); Jean Clarieux (Lampin); Barnault and Kronegger (Germans) and the French Railwaymen. Some sources list a narration by Charles Boyer.

Awards: Cannes Film Festival, voted among the Best Films, 1946.

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