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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Director: Glauber Rocha

Production: Copacabana Films (Rio de Janeiro); black and white, 35mm, running time: 125 minutes. Filmed in Monte Santo, Bahia, 1963. Released in Rio de Janeiro, 1 June 1964.

Producer: Luiz Augusto Mendez; associate producers: Glauber Rocha, Jarbas Barbosa; director and screenplay assistant: Walter Lima, Jr.; director and dialog assistant: Paulo Gil Soares; screenplay: Glauber Rocha; photography: Waldemar Lima; editor: Rafael Justo Verde: art director: Paulo Gil Soares; music: Heitor VillaLobos and Sergio Ricard (songs by Glauber Rocha).

Cast: Geraldo Del Rey (Manuel); Ioná Magalhaes (Rosa); Othon Bastos (Coriseo); Lídio Silva (Sebastiao); Mauricio do Valle (Antonio das Mortes); Sonia dos Humildes (Dadá); Marrom (Blind Julio); Joao Gama (The priest); Antonio Pinto (The "Coronel"); Milton Rosa ("Coronel" Moraes).

Awards: Prize of the Mexican Critic at the International Festival of Acapulco (México), 1964; Great Prize, Festival of Free Cinema (Italy), 1964; Gold Naiade—International Festival of Porreta Terme (Italy), 1964; Great Prize Latin American, at the International Mar Del Plata Festival (Argentina), 1966.

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