Etthe Extraterrestrial

USA, 1982

Director: Steven Spielberg

Production: Universal Pictures; DeLuxe color, 70mm, Dolby sound; running time: 115 minutes. Released June 1982.

Producers: Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy; associate producer: Melissa Mathison; production supervisor: Frank Marshall; screenplay: Melissa Mathison; photography: Allen Daviau; editor: Carol Littlestone; production designer: James D. Bissell; music: John Williams; special effects: Industrial Light and Magic; supervisor: Dennis Muren; E.T. created by: Carlo Rimbaldi.

Cast: Dee Wallace (Mary); Henry Thomas (Elliott); Peter Coyote (Keys); Robert MacNaughton (Michael); Drew Barrymore (Gertie); K.C. Martel.

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