Forbidden Games France Director Ren Clment

Production: Silver-Film; black and white, 35mm; running time: 102 minutes, some sources list 90 minutes, others 84 minutes. Released 9 May 1952. Filmed Fall 1951.

Producer: Robert Dorfmann; screenplay: François Boyer; adaptation and dialogue: Jean Aurenche, Pierre Bost, and René Clément, from the novel by François Boyer; photography: Robert Juillard; editor: Roger Dwyre; sound engineer: Jacques Lebreton; art director: Paul Bertrand; music adaptation and interpretation: Narciso Yepes; costume designer: Major Brandley.

Cast: Brigitte Fossey (Paulette, age 5); Georges Poujouly (Michel Dolle, age 11); Lucien Herbert (Père Dolle); Suzanne Courtal (Mère Dolle); Jacques Marin (Georges Dolle); Laurence Badie (Berthe Dolle); Andre Wasley (Père Gouard); Amedee (Francis Gouard); Denise Peronne (Jeanne Gouard); Louis Sainteve (Le curé); Madeleine Barbulee; Pierre Merovee; Violette Monnier; and Fernande Roy.

Awards: Cannes Film Festival, Grand Prix Indépendant, 1952; Venice Film Festival, Best Film—Gold Lion of St. Mark, 1952; New York Film Critics' Award, Best Foreign Film, 1952; Honorary Oscar for Best Foreign-Language Film, 1952.

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