Director: Marguerite Duras

Production: Sunchild, Les Films Armorial, S. Damiani and A. Cavaglione; color, 35mm. Released 1975.

Producer: Stephane Tchalgaldjeff; screenplay: Marguerite Duras; photography: Bruno Nuytten; editor: Solange Leprince; sound: Michel Vionnet; original music: Carlos D'Alessio, recording at the ORTF: Gaston Sylvestre, Beethoven selection: Gerard Fremy, ''India Song Blues'' interpreted by: Raoul Verez.

Cast: Delphine Seyrig (Anne-Marie Stretter); Michel Lonsdale (Vice-Counsel of France); Matthieu Carriere (Young attaché to the Ambassador); Didier Flamand (Young escort to Stretter); Claude Mann (Michael Richardson); Vernon Dobtcheff (Georges Crawn); Claude Juan (A guest); Satasinh Manila (Voice of the beggar); Nicole Hiss, Monique Simonet, Viviane Forrester, Dionys Mascolo, and Marguerite Duras (Voices of Time); François Lebrun, Benoit Jacquot, Nicole-Lise Bernheim, Kevork Kutudjan, Daniel Dobbels, Jean-Claude Biette, Marie-Odile Briot, and Pascal Kane (Voices from the reception).

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