France Japan Director Alain Resnais

Production: Argos Films-Como Films (Paris), Pathé Overseas, and Daiei (Tokyo); 1959; black and white, 35mm; running time: 91 minutes, some sources list 88 minutes. Released June 1959. Filmed September-December 1958 in film studios in Tokyo and Paris, and on location in Hiroshima and Nevers.

Producers: Sacha Kamenka, Shirakawa Takeo, and Samy Halfon; screenplay: Marguerite Duras; photography: Sacha Vierny and Michio Takahashi; editors: Henri Colpi, Jasmine Chasney, and Anne Sarraute; sound: Pierre Calvet and Yamamoto, and Rene Renault; art directors: Esaka, Mayo, and Petri; music: Giovanni Fusco and Georges Delerue; costume designer: Gérard Collery; literary adviser: Gerard Jarlot.

Cast: Emmanuelle Riva (She); Eiji Okada (He); Bernard Fresson (The German); Stella Dassas (The Mother); Pierre Barbaud (The Father).

Awards: Cannes Film Festival, International Critics' Award and Film Writers' Award, 1959; New York Film Critics' Award, Best Foreign Film, 1960.

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