Germany Director Harlan Veit

Production: Terra Film; black and white; running time: 85 minutes. Filmed in Berlin and Prague, March-August 1940.

Screenplay: Veit Harlan, Eberhard Wolfgang Möller, Veit Harlan, and Ludwig Metzer, from the novel by Lion Feuchtwanger; photography: Bruno Mondi; music: Wolfgang Zeller.

Cast: Ferdinand Marian (Süss); Werner Krauss (Rabbi Loew, secretary Levy, and other unidentified characters); Heinrich George (Duke of Württemberg); Kristina Söderbaum (Raped girl); Eugene Klöpfer (Raped girl's father); Hilde von Stolz; Malte Jäger; Albert Florath; Theodor Loos; and Wolfgang Staudte.

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