Spirit of the Beehive Spain Director Victor Erice

Production: Eastmancolor, 35mm; running time: 98 minutes; length 8785 feet. Released 1973. Filmed in Spain.

Producer: Elias Querejeta; screenplay: Francisco J. Querejeta, from an idea by Victor Erice and Angel Fernandéz Santos; assistant director: José Ruis Marcos; photography: Luis Cuadrado; editor: Pablo G. del Amo; sound: Luis Rodriguez; sound effects: Luis Castro and Sire Castro; art director: Adolfo Cofino; music: Luis de Pablo.

Cast: Fernando Fernan Gomez (Fernando); Terésa Gimpera (Teresa); Ana Torrent (Ana); Isabel Telleria (Isabel); Lady Soldevilla (Don Lucia); Miguel Picazo (Doctor); José Villasante (Frankenstein); Juan Margallo (Outlaw).

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