Switzerland FranceWest Germany Director Claude Goretta

Production: Citel Films (Geneva), Actions Films (Paris), and Filmproduktion (Frankfort); Eastmancolor, 35mm; running time: 108 minutes. Released May 1977, France. Filmed in France.

Producer: Yves Peyrot with Yves Gosser; screenplay: Claude Goretta and Pascal Laine, from the novel by Laine; photography: Jean Boffety; editor: Joelle Van Effenterre; sound: Pierre Gemet and Bernard Chaumeil; production design: Serge Etter and Claude Chevant; music: Pierre Jansen; music editor: Georges Bacri.

Cast: Isabelle Huppert (Béatrice); Yves Beneyton (François); Florence Giorgietti (Marylène); Anne-Marie Duringer (Béatrice's mother);

Jean Obe (François' father); Monique Chaumette (François' mother); Michel de Re (The Painter); Renata Schroeter (Francois' friend); Sabine Azema (Student).

Awards: Cannes Film Festival, Ecumenical Prize, 1977.

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