The Guns Brazil Director Ruy Guerra

Production: Copacabana Films, Embracine, and Daga Filmes (Brazil); black and white, 35mm; running time: 110 minutes; length: 3300 meters. Released 1964. Filmed in Milagres.

Producer: Jarbas Barbosa; screenplay: Miguel Torres and Ruy Guerra, from an adaptation by Pierre Pelegri, Demosthenes Theokary, and Philippe Dumargay from an original story by Ruy Guerra; photography: Ricardo Aronovich; editor: Ruy Guerra; music: Moacyr Santos.

Cast: Atila Lorio (Gaucho, the truck driver); Nelson Xavier (Mario); Maria Gladys (Luisa); Leonides Bayer (Sergeant); Paulo Cesar (Soldier); Mauricio Loyola (Bearded prophet); Rui Polanah (Civilian); Hugo Carvana (Soldier); Joel Bacelos (Father of the dead baby); Ivan Candido.

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