Yellow Earth China Director Chen Kaige

Production: Youth Production Unit, Guangxi Film Studio; Eastmancolor; running time: 89 minutes; length: 8,010 feet. Released 1984. Subtitled version released 1986. Filmed in Mandarin and Shaanxi dialect.

Producer: Guo Keqi; screenplay: Zhang Ziliang, from the essay ''Echo in the Valley'' by Ke Lan; photography: Zhang Yimou; lighting: Zhang Shubin; editor: Pei Xiaonan; sound recordist: Lin Lin; sound re-recordist: Liu Quanye; art director: He Qun; costumes: Tian Geng and Chen Bona; music: Zhao Jiping; music performed by: The Orchestra and Traditional Music Ensemble of Xi'an Academy of Music; subtitles: Tony Rayns.

Cast: Xue Bai (Cuiqiao); Wang Xueqi (Gu Qing); Tan Tuo (Father); Liu Qiang (Hanhan); The Peasant Waistdrum Troupe of Ansai County.

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