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Naked As Nature Intended (1961» British 30 x 40 in. (76 x 102 cm) Photo by George Harrison Marks Courtesy of the Tony Nourmand Collection

Britain's answer to Russ Meyer, George Harrison M

(1926-1997), remains one< Britain's most famous exploitation or 'nudie' directors. Starting out as a photographer at a local theatre, Marks moved to London in the early 50s in a bid to further his career in: field. In 1953, he met the stunning Pamela Green and thus began his career in glamour photography and fi Green and Marks moved n together and started a business selling black and white nude postcards. The cards proved so popular that they launched Kamera, a monthly magazine featuri 32 pages of nude glamour photographs. Around thisti Marks also began making films, sticking to the subject knew best: female nudity. Naked As Nature Intended starred Green in the lead role and was one of his first and most popular films. Although the poster itself modestly hides Green's assets, the film was not so shy and proved popular on the 'B' movie circuit. Five years later, Marks was so well-known that he could use his own name to help sell his films, as with The Naked Wi Of Harrison Marks. He commissioned the reputable English illustrator, Tom William Chantrell to design the British poster for Come Play With Me. Chantrell had been responsible for the artwork on numerous top Hollywood studio posters, and his was a well-respected name in the world of film poster graphics; the fact that Marks managed to secure such talent to promote his projects is further testament to his success.

Come Play With Me (1970)

Art by Tom William Chantrell

Courtesy of the Tony Nourmand Collection


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