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The filmmaking process is long, arduous, and uncertain, but the more you can visualize the end of the journey, the easier it will be to head in the right direction. Carole describes the process as a road trip.

"If you were going on a trip somewhere you would certainly know your final destination, and the same thing applies to filmmakers. Filmmakers get so excited about their project but can get lost in the detail of making it happen so they're not always focused on the end goal. One of the first things you need ask yourself is where does this film belong? On HBO? Discovery Channel? Court TV? Then you know exactly how you want your film to run and what you want to do with it. I think that to materialize the film you need to visualize the film screening and see your name on the screen, the director's name, and editor's name, and see that with a lot of emotion and belief and feel the success and the pride. If you can visualize the audience, you can visualize the potential funders."

Any filmmaker who has not applied for a Roy W. Dean grant, one of the largest independent film grants in the United States, should certainly consider the option by visiting Carole's book, The Art of Funding Your Film, is also an invaluable and comprehensive resource. Her wisdom, experience, focus, and compassion have resulted in her own success. Applying these same traits to your filmmaking career will only boost it.

"Always remember that your mind is your most powerful tool," concludes Carole. "Use your mind to create your art and manifest the money, contacts, and the right people to your project, and always maintain yourself in the highest caliber. Keep your mind free of resentment and negativity. Live with thoughts of forgiveness and love and acceptance and enjoy what you're doing."

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Film Making

Film Making

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