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Having a distributor is rather like having an agent. While someone is in your corner to help market and distribute your film, it doesn't mean you can sit back and neglect it yourself.

"Producers know their programs better than anyone," Chip reminds us. "I encourage them to provide me with any information they may have so that my salespeople can follow up on their contacts. Also, I ask producers whenever they have the chance to use word of mouth to direct people to the Web site, then we can take it from there."

"They call filmmaking the War of Art for a reason," adds Ruben. "That phrase is poignant for me because art is about expression of one's self, but it's also about communication. I think a lot of filmmakers get pigeonholed into focusing on the expressive part. Filmmakers have to take it upon themselves to promote their films and make sure that they are getting festival exposure or television or home video exposure or word of mouth through film events in various cities, and they often attract a huge following because people want to see what the up-and-comers are up to. Sure it's about production and telling a good story but it's also about letting people know how to see your story, so it's a dichotomy that you must pursue."

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Film Making

Film Making

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