The Pros and Cons of Starting a Film Production Company

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"Making a film is probably the bravest thing you'll ever do in your life"

Kerry Rock, Potoroo Films, Sydney, Australia

What storyteller hasn't imagined seeing her creative vision on the big screen? The appeal of movie-making as a visual narrative form has been the ambition of millions, as an increasing number of film festivals around the world attest. Filmmakers are compelled, heart and soul, to share their unique stories in a way that parallels human experience, whether through drama, comedy, action, horror, romance, real life, or experimentation.

With such heartfelt drive, many choose the difficult and uncertain path of a filmmaking career by operating under a company banner, sacrificing significant financial and emotional stability in pursuit of the dream.

Most creative types, such as filmmakers, are right-brain oriented-random, intuitive, subjective-versus the logical, rational, and analytical left-brain type. My own mental abilities lean heavily to the right, which I've learned can be a wonderful asset and a serious detriment. When venturing into company ownership, right-brainers often neglect the inherent business aspects, which can easily consume over 50 percent of our working hours.

"The enormity of the information I had to learn was a huge challenge," reflects Emma Farrell of Six Foot High Films in Brighton, England. "After spending my life in education I was suddenly in the business world and had to learn about health and safety, accounts, VAT, and the Inland Revenue; very technical administrative things. But looking back on the fears I faced, I think I was able to do it because I didn't really know about the enormities I was undertaking. It's the entrepreneurial spirit of going blindly forward and saying yay, I'm going to start my own production company and make films! If I had actually known what it was going to involve I might have been more circumspect."

As Emma expressed, the business side of owning a company can be daunting. It helps to ask yourself some basic questions about why and how you are going to start your company. It is a process of self-evaluation as well as pondering concrete realities.

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Film Making

Film Making

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