Use Your Time Wisely

Larry concurs that remaining focused and planning the best use of your time is critical.

"You have to sit back and ask yourself, 'Where do I spend my energy? How much time do I have available for the things I want to accomplish?' Time is the one thing you're selling and there's a limit to how much you have. You want to make sure you're allocating it well. And remember, you always have to hold something back for the future. While working on one project, you still have to devote time to networking and getting the next project or opportunity in motion."

When you are ready to set up shop, an accountant and legal advisor can help you determine the best structure. Although you might be excited to get moving with your film projects, take time up front to write a business plan, no matter how simple it starts out, so that you have specific goals and strategies for achieving them. Well-laid plans will keep you headed in the right direction. So says my superhero.


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Film Making

Film Making

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