The authors would like to thank:

Lesley Riddle for support and understanding beyond the call of duty; numerous colleagues and students at the University of Leeds and Leeds College of Art and Design for fuelling our enthusiasm and/or curbing our more ridiculous flights of fancy.

Many thanks also to the colleagues who supplied copy for the following entries:

Robin Brown (ICS, University of Leeds): Face/Off and The Matrix; Stephen Hay (ICS, University of Leeds): The Bicycle Thieves, Performance, Taxi Driver, Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner, Do the Right Thing, Raging Bull, Beauty and the Beast and Eyes Wide Shut; David Lancaster (ICS, University of Leeds): Bringing up Baby, Casablanca, Sunset Boulevard, Singin' in the Rain, Rear Window, Vertigo and William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet.

All entries were written and/or edited by the authors. Therefore any faults of content are ours and ours alone.

The publishers would also like to thank the film companies for the use of their stills. Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders of material produced in this book. Any rights not acknowledged here will be acknowledged in subsequent printings if notice is given to the publishers.

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