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Two issues are relevant in the determination of points required under the Convention. First, the performer points awarded for the first, second and third roles are determined by the number of days worked, not by prominence of credit or financial compensation to the performers. Accordingly, a film with a non-European star need not lose three points for the appearance of that star if he or she is on set fewer days than one of the European performers. Second, a film that achieves fewer than 15 of...

Pros and Cons

A good place to begin when considering starting a company is to look at the advantages and disadvantages. There are many pros and cons, a few of which are listed below. If you find that the cons seem insurmountable, you may want to reevaluate the timing of your decision. However, there is never a perfect world in which to take such a risk, and you could end up waiting for a moment that never happens. Listen to your intuition as you read this list. Frey Hoffman, owner of Freydesign Productions...

Sergei Eisenstein The Theory Of Montage

Intellectual Montage Eisenstein

Eisenstein was the second of the key Russian filmmakers. As a director, he was perhaps the greatest. He also wrote extensively about film ideas and eventually taught a generation of Russian directors. In the early 1920s, however, he was a young, committed filmmaker. Figure 1.12 Mother, 1926. Still provided by Museum of Modern Art Film Stills Archives. Figure 1.12 Mother, 1926. Still provided by Museum of Modern Art Film Stills Archives. Figure 1.13 Mother, 1926. Still provided by Museum of...

Mainstream and Alternative Film Form

Mainstream Narrative and Film Form 132 Alternative Narratives and Film Form 143 Alternative Form and Art Cinema 149 Conclusion 150 Summary 150 By the 1920s particular conventions had become well established for making films. Mainstream techniques such as the organization of time and space through 'invisible' continuity editing and the verisimilitude resulting from particular uses of mise en sc ne and from cause and effect structures and character motivation began to dominate film-making, as...