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Crime Wave stCentury Cops

One of the best and most distinctive recent crime movies is City of God (2003 -originally called Cidade de Deus), directed by Fernando Meirelles. Set in Rio de Janeiro's worst slum, cynically christened 'City of God', it tells the story of street gang violence and drug turf wars, which ravaged the city in the seventies. The main character is Winston Rodrigues, known as Rocket, a young man who dreams of being a photographer, a career that will allow him to escape the slums. His brother, a hood, is killed early in the film his other contemporaries 'get religion' or work honestly, but most end up joining street gangs and being swept into crime. The most notorious and bloodthirsty of the gangstas is L'il Ze and his level-headed partner Bene, who sell drugs in town. Their only competition is 'Carrot', who teams up with Knockout Ned, a local hero, to stand up to L'il Ze. With stories entitled 'The Story of the Tender Trio', 'Flirting with Crime' and 'The Story of Knockout Ned', and Rocket's...

Directing the Camera

We will deal with each of these in turn. Keep in mind that each of these features is important to the joy of filmmaking. Above all is Spielberg's ability to project this joy in his films. It is this joy that buoys up his director's idea. Keeping the story clear is about visual signposts. The excerpt from Jaws will serve to illustrate this clarity. Police Chief Brody and his family are sitting on the beach. The beach is crowded. Children are playing with their toys in the water, teenagers flirt, and older people are just trying to keep cool on a hot day. While Mrs. Brody is busy enjoying the day and watching her two sons, Brody is worried. He is focused on the danger of another shark attack. His point of view is all about watching the water. When Spielberg wants to remind us about this concern, he momentarily blocks Brody's line of sight line to the beach. More tension is built when Brody spots a sudden movement in the water. It looks like a shark's fin but it proves to be an elderly...

At Home with Modernity

There is a considerable blurring of distinction between the modern and the moderne when it comes to house design. Whereas in Britain the strictures of the pure International Style found little popularity for public buildings or hotels, for private dwellings, particularly weekend retreats, it did have some resonance among the liberal middle classes. For the purposes of this account, moderne houses are defined as those featuring curved corner windows, flat roofs and decorative elements on the exterior, particularly the use of bright colours. Such windows were so ubiquitous because of their availability by means of mass fabrication and supply by distributors such as the Crittall Metal Window Company or Williams and Williams. Jeremy Gould has produced an invaluable Gazetteer of Modern Houses in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland (1996) that includes all private houses built in Britain between the wars with flat roofs hence his survey includes modern and moderne. Gould's main...

Beyond Poverty Row Ethnic Films

Thus, one could argue that there were two distinct articulations of black independent cinema in the1930s. The first, characterised by the films of Oscar Micheaux, was explicitly about tackling racial issues - often in a sensational manner - and educating black audiences about the nature of their oppression. This strand of black filmmaking was characterised by a particular 'home-grown' aesthetic which, as Jane Gaines argued, followed but 'was not bound by' the classical style, while also flirting with the avant-garde.82 The second, characterised by the films of Million Dollar Productions and other independent outfits, emphasised a particular type of entertainment that was modelled on the studio films, even though certain elements were appropriated for the purposes of creating a film production for minority audiences. As Taves suggests, 'there was no trace of the homegrown aesthetic associated with Micheaux Million Dollar films were . . . on a par with the contemporary product of...

Is there a feminine facility in terms of connecting with people

When you first meet people and your subjects are men, is there going to be a level of flirtation When we first started making The Farm, because Jonathan Stack and I made that film together, you could tell . . . the interviews he got at the beginning were different they had a different feeling to them than the interviews that I got because sometimes, the inmates were flirting with me. In that way, it was terrific to have both of us there. As time went on and we really got into it, those differences started to erase themselves, which was good. But that's life.

Five Easy Pieces

This overarching symbolism gives substance to a story which is often slight. The opening scenes are hurried we learn little about the backgrounds and motivations of Wyatt and Billy. Lee Hill notes that several expository scenes were cut, which puts the film's emphasis on action and visuals.7 Later, the journey scenes focus on the people the heroes meet therefore any changes in Wyatt and Billy happen unobtrusively. The actions of the Southern bigots are explained primarily by George Hanson's monologue. Another hint comes from the flirting of the teenaged girls with the three ''hippie'' visitors. Wyatt, Billy, and George threaten the patriarchal order of the town, and therefore (the film suggests) they are attacked. But

Back to the future

Slowly, through 1983, numerous facets of the original project changed. A secondary back story was added about America's political bankruptcy. Nicaragua entered the script. The central characters, who were in their early teens in Reynolds' story, became high-school seniors and older, thus allowing for greater on-screen violence. Overall, the movie grew into one that was more about killing and treachery than about character and relationships, one that diluted Reynolds' anti-war message in favour of the glorification of a paramilitary defence of American territory. Aspects of the rewrite even alarmed Milius, who had originally intended to say something about the 'futility of war' in the movie. Yablans and Haig urged the director to insert scenes showing the kids infiltrate back into town to witness the brainwashing of their parents. Strong scenes showing the invaders shooting resolute citizens in reprisal for the kids' resistance were also added. Other provocative features, especially...


Ninotchka makes her way to the island in the middle of the 179 road. As she waits for traffic to clear, Count Leon d'Algout arrives at the island from the opposite direction. Ninotchka asks Leon for directions as well as information about the Eiffel Tower. He cannot answer her questions and resorts to flirting with her. The scientifically minded Ninotchka keeps the conversation technical while Leon tries to keep it romantic. She looks at Leon as if he is a species for study. He finds her surprising and finds himself intrigued.

Y Huckabees

In a career that otherwise defies classification, the writer-director David O. Russell has found humor where others fear to tread or never think to look. Spanking the Monkey (1994) is a comedy about mother-son incest Flirting with Disaster (1996), a comedy about adoption and adultery Three Kings (1999), a comedy about the moral confusion of war. A euphoric bungee jump into the abyss of the Big Everything, I y Huckabees is by far his boldest a comedy about the meaning of life, the nature of reality, the mystery of consciousness, and the elusiveness of infinity. It poses questions seldom spoken out loud and generally not heard at your local multiplex How am I not myself and Is existence a cruel joke and What happens in a meadow at dusk and Do you love me, with the bonnet

100 Flirting Tips

100 Flirting Tips

Flirting is playful in nature, which is practiced by a person in order to express his or her interest in another individual, either romantically or sexually. There are ways to flirt subtlety and there are also ways of flirting that can be obvious at times. You can flirt with the use of your eyes, body language, touch, tone of your voice, or a combination of the mentioned behaviors.

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