ix Acknowledgments

1 What's a Mean Woman like You Doing in a Movie like This? Neal King and Martha McCaughey

25 Part I: Genre Films

27 "If Her Stunning Beauty Doesn't Bring You to Your Knees, Her Deadly Drop Kick Will": Violent Women in the Hong Kong Kung Fu Film Wendy Arons

52 If Looks Could Kill: Power, Revenge, and Stripper Movies Jeffrey A. Brown

78 The Gun and the Badge: Hollywood and the Female Lawman Carol M. Dole

106 Caged Heat: The (R)evolution of Women-in-Prison Films Suzanna Danuta Walters

124 Sharon Stone's (An)Aesthetic Susan Knobloch

145 Part II: New Bonds and New Communities

147 Sometimes Being a Bitch Is All a Woman Has to Hold On To: Memory, Haunting, and Revenge in Dolores Claiborne Laura Grindstaff

172 Waiting to Set It Off: African American Women and the Sapphire Fixation

Kimberly Springer

200 The Gun-in-the-Handbag, a Critical Controversy, and a Primal Scene Barbara L. Miller

219 Action Heroines and Female Viewers: What Women Have to Say Tiina Vares

244 Imagined Violence/Queer Violence: Representations of Rage and Resistance Judith Halberstam

267 About the Contributors

271 Index

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