Whats a Mean Woman like You Doing in a Movie like This

Neal King and Martha McCaughey

Officer Rita Rizolli stops a pimp from beating a prostitute. They scuffle; he calls her a bitch, circles around her, and fires his weapon. Rita dodges, admires his agility ("Nice move, asshole"), and shoots him when he tries to fire again. As he bleeds his last she quips, "and don't call me 'bitch.'"

In the middle of a robbery designed to bankroll their move from their dead-end lives, Cleo, Tisean, and Stony face down the local police with weapons drawn. An unwise bank guard shoots one, and the other two women blow him away with a hail of gunfire. Stony, the only survivor of the ensuing battles, drives off with the cash.

Mad at her philandering boyfriend, Mallory starts to make out with a man in an auto garage. At her command he goes down on her, but too soon commences intercourse. She whips a handgun from her purse and blows his brains out. "That was the worst fucking head I ever got in my life. Next time don't be so fucking eager!" She stalks off in disgust.

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