We began planning this book in early 2003, knowing that the field needed an anthology on the cinematic image of youth beyond the U.S. context, and we were quite happy that we received so many great proposals. We must first thank those scholars who submitted ideas and essays, especially since we could not publish all of the great work we received. We'd also like to give a special thanks to Murray Pomerance, who not only agreed to contribute an essay to this volume, but who met with us early in the process and encouraged our efforts.

We have further thanks for the support of the University of Texas Press, especially our editor, Jim Burr, who gave us the confidence to pursue this endeavor; Leslie Doyle Tingle, who advised us on manuscript preparation; Sue Carter, who copyedited this tricky text; and Lynne Chapman, who further advised us on editing. In an era of increasing difficulty for academic publishing, we are particularly fortunate to have enjoyed the attention and approval of this press.

We received a generous grant to pay for the completion of the manuscript in early 2005 from the Hillery Charitable Trust, and we thus offer them our heartfelt thanks as well. The Hillery funds allowed us to obtain the many great images herein.

We must also recognize our respective schools for their support. Tim thanks his colleagues and students at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts; particular appreciation goes to Marcia Butzel and Beth Gale for their perspectives on international cinema, and to Greer Muldowney and Chris Miller for help with printing images. Alexandra thanks her colleagues at New York University, as well as those she's worked with in recent years in Vienna.

Many friends and colleagues also offered suggestions and encouragement as we built this collection, and we'd like to acknowledge them. Devin Griffiths provided computer aid; Lukas Maurer helped with research; and members of the Society for Cinema Studies and the University Film and Video Association, as well as the Screen-L Film and TV Studies Discussion List at the University of Alabama, helped to circulate our call for papers.

And for their endurance, we thank our devoted partners.



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