Claudia Preckel

Islam embraces many principles and ideas about childhood and Islamic/ Muslim education, which differ according to historical time period and region (Barazanji, 406). All of these schools of thought aim at shaping children's characters in line with the Islamic worldview. Islamic families are entitled to educate their children in order to allow them to follow the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. Tradition encourages young people to ''Worship none but Allah (alone) and be dutiful and good to parents'' (Sura 2, Verse 83). During recent years, the Quranic mandate of obedience to Allah and obedience to parents has brought a growing number of young Muslims into conflict with their parents. Young people, for example, perform the daily five ritual prayers, whereas their parents do not. Muslim daughters want to wear the veil, whereas their parents disapprove. This conflict between the generations is further fueled by radical, ''Islamist,'' or ''fundamentalist'' groups. They even stress that obedience to parents has to be secondary to obedience to Allah. Throughout the Muslim world, Islamic revivalist groups are having a growing influence on Muslim youth, as they consider youth welfare one of their main duties. Many Muslim filmmakers from several Muslim countries have reacted to the threat of fundamentalism to society. In this essay I want to analyze the depiction of young Muslims in two very different countries, Egypt and India. Despite differences in culture, social circumstances, and religious interpretations, both countries face the rise of (even violent) Muslim activities.

Film Making

Film Making

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