preface xi acknowledgments xiii introduction: Youth Culture Shock 1 timothy shary part i: rebellion and resistance 7

chapter 1. American Juvenile Delinquency Movies and the European Censors: The Cross-Cultural Reception and Censorship of The Wild One, Blackboard Jungle, and Rebel Without a Cause 9 daniel biltereyst chapter 2. The Imported Rebellion: Criminal Guys and Consumerist Girls in Postwar Germany and Austria 27 alexandra seibel chapter 3. Rebels with a Cause: Children versus the Military Industrial Complex 37 mick broderick part ii: politics and style 57

chapter 4. Chinese "Youth Problem" Films in the 1980s: The Apolitics of Rebellion 59 xuelin zhou viii youth culture iN global cinema chapter 5. The Age of Transition: Angels and Blockers in Recent Eastern and Central European Films 71 aniko imre chapter 6. The Sound of the South Bronx: Youth Culture, Genre, and Performance in Charlie Ahearn's Wild Style 87

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