Filmography Of Global Youth Films By Nation

This filmography consists of all the non-U. S. feature films about youth listed in this book, as well as over 700 other titles culled from many different indexes and databases. The list is as exhaustive as possible, although it is not complete due to the numerous international films that have not found their way into wide release and/or have not been properly catalogued. All of the films below feature a significant role or roles for people in their adolescence or puberty; in terms of years, that generally means characters aged 12 to 20.

The title of each film is listed in its native language first, with its English or international title listed second, unless the film is primarily known by its English title, in which case the native title comes second. Films that had a popular non-English title are often listed without translation.

The nationality of each film was sometimes difficult to determine, since certain catalogues list films' nationalities according to the location of their production companies. In this case, nationality has been determined almost exclusively by where the film was made and in what language. In some cases, films are multilingual and/or employ multiple nation locations, in which case the national identity that is most predominant within the film itself is listed. In the case of nations that have changed names in the past century, or have been divided (such as Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, Germany, etc.), please refer to the name of the nation at the time of the film's release.

The year for each film is generally the year the film was theatrically released in its native country. In rare cases where films did not achieve theatrical release, their debut on video is listed. Films intended for television broadcast are not listed, nor are films under one hour in length, nor documentaries.


Osama (2003)

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