List of Illustrations

1. Charles Laughton's appearance in The Private Life of

Henry VIII was modelled on Holbein's portrait of the King. 26

2. Henry is bewitched by the coquettish Catherine Howard (Binnie Barnes) in The Private Life of Henry VIII. 35

3. George Arliss as The Iron Duke directs the

Battle of Waterloo. 49

4. Regal Neagle: Anna Neagle as Victoria the Great. 72

5. Sixty Glorious Years: The Queen is not amused when her Prime Minister Gladstone (Malcolm Keen) hesitates to relieve General Gordon at Khartoum. 85

6. 'This earth, this realm, this England': labourer Appleyard (Emlyn Williams, left), American visitor Ann (Constance Cummings) and farmer Rookeby (John Clements) find common cause in the modern segment of This England. 96

7. 'Cry God for Harry, England and St George': Laurence Olivier directed and starred in the patriotic spectacular Henry V. 130

8. 'We few, we happy few, we band of brothers': Henry inspires his troops before the battle in Henry V. 133

9. Scott of the Antarctic: Captain Scott (John Mills, right) persuades Dr Wilson (Harold Warrender) to join him on another Antarctic expedition, but Oriana Wilson (Anne Firth)

is not happy. 157

10. 'I do not regret this journey': Scott makes his last diary entry, remaining stoical to the end in Scott of the Antarctic. i63

11. Beau Brummell explores the nature of intimate male friendship between Brummell (Stewart Granger, right) and the Prince of Wales (Peter Ustinov). 175

12. Abandon ship: Second Officer Herbert Lightoller (Kenneth More) directs the evacuation in A Night to Remember. 188

13. 'Goodbye, my dear son': Lucas (John Merivale) exhibits emotional restraint in A Night to Remember. 193

14. Contrasting masculinities in Zulu: the pragmatic Lieutenant John Chard (Stanley Baker, left) and the apparently effete Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead (Michael Caine). 217

15. After the battle: Chard and Bromhead, sickened by the carnage, survey the burnt hospital in Zulu. 220

16. A Colonel Blimp for the 1960s: the aged Lord Raglan

John Gielgud) pointing out 'the pretty valley' to Mrs Duberly (Jill Bennett) in The Charge of the Light Brigade. 245

17. The Charge of the Light Brigade Captain Nolan (David Hemmings) is about to realise that the Brigade is advancing into the wrong valley. 249

18. Henry (Keith Michell) is beginning to tire of the exotic charms of Anne Boleyn (Charlotte Rampling) in Henry VIII and

His Six Wives. 265

19. The race that never occurred: Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross, left) and Lord Lindsay (Nigel Havers) run against the clock and each other in Chariots of Fire. 278

20. Eric Liddell faces the Olympic Committee and his conscience in another dramatic scene invented for Chariots of Fire. Left to right: the Duke of Sutherland (Peter Egan), Liddell (Ian Charleson), Lord Birkenhead (Nigel Davenport), the Prince of Wales (David Yelland) and Lord Cadogan (Patrick Magee). 289

21. Elizabeth attracted controversy for its depiction of a passionate love affair between the young princess (Cate Blanchett) and Robert Dudley Joseph Fiennes). 308

22. Elizabeth was notable for its highly expressive visual style: note how Elizabeth alone is illuminated as she imposes her will upon her parliament. 313

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