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The Lost Ways

This complete ebook is the best way to survive if you are ever left without power. Would it not be better to spend just a bit of money in order to gain the ability to survive with you and your family if you are ever left without power for a long time? If a terrorist attack involved an EMP, you would be left without power for days or weeks. You can learn how to get back the lost ways or your forefathers and mothers, and learn how to survive totally without power and get back the survivalist skills that used to be a huge part of how we now survive in a world without power. This book comes to your from survivalist Claude Davis, and the skills that you will learn will save your life and give you the ability to survive as long as you need to in the wild and at home, no matter what the world outside is like. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Claude Davis
Price: $37.00

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The Lost Ways 2

Our evolution has made us what we are right now. We have amenities for everything. However, what we lack, or rather have lost, are the ways that our ancestors used to survive harsh calamities. They didn't rely on anyone but did everything themselves from harvesting to building houses, and everything in between. Some of the ancient civilizations created innovative ways that even pay off if they are followed. Three of them are the superfoods created out of simple ingredients. These foods contain nutrients that could keep you in vitals for longer than anticipated. They could prove to be your life saviors in times of peril and this is exactly what the book The Lost Ways 2 intend. A sequel to The Lost Ways 1, this book contains much more than just superfood recipes. It has instructions on building charcoal filters, kilns, log houses, medicine making, harvesting, hunting and using parts of your game as raw material to make necessary tools, and much more. Besides this, you can get two bonus reports. One on using 4 acres of land for self-sufficiency and the other one on getting prepared for an imminent EMP attack. Read more here...

The Lost Ways 2 Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Claude Davis
Official Website:
Price: $37.00

Homesteading For Preppers

Dan F. Sullivan together with other successful homesteaders created this great guide called autopilot homestead. After years of prepping, he came to the conclusion that the only way to have a solid, steady food and water supply is to Homestead. He is popular for his website,, where writers post regular, high quality articles on a variety of topics ranging from homesteading to prepping. He started to homestead when he was only six years old, so you can see that he has a lot of experience in him which he is willing to share in this great book. This product is digital that comes in e-book and PDFs. It comes with four bonuses. The first bonus is the Autopilot homestead action plan, to assist you put all the practices in the main course to practice. The second bonus is a collection of a dozen PDFs of daily, weekly, and monthly planning sheets for records. The third bonus is called 37 ways to boost your energy, due to the workload of the job, a homesteader needs to be energized. The last bonus is called the amazing house of remedies, to enable you treat the injuries sustained during the job. This guide is for all planning to homestead or those who have started already. You do not require any special skill to be able to homestead, just download this guide and follow the steps. Read more here...

Homesteading For Preppers Summary

Contents: Ebooks
Author: Dan Sullivan
Official Website:
Price: $53.00

Margaret Mitchells Revisionist Southern History

Mitchell and her friends enjoyed reading the spate of Gone with the Wind reviews in the summer of 1936, but Cowley's generated by far the most mirth. Had he even read the book, they wondered His waspish indictment of the myth of southern life in American culture may have had its validity, but not when leveled at Gone with the Wind. The novel was an obvious assault on the myth of moonlight, magnolias, and passive, pretty women from the opening description of its willful and rebellious heroine. Scarlett O'Hara was unconventional, to say the least, preferring the company of the black children on the plantations to her aristocratic girlish contemporaries.14 The O'Haras were not Anglo-Saxon gentlefolk but poor Irish immigrants Tara had no white columns but was a rambling, unplanned, and undignified homestead. Later in her life, Scarlett would be bored and then disillusioned by the southern cause, viewing it not as a holy affair, but a nuisance that killed men senselessly and cost money and...

Disintegrating Indian Nations

In Devil's Doorway, the successfully assimilated Indian is rejected by whites in power, and those Indians who have gone to the reservation are driven in desperation to leave it, saying, We will die, but we will never go back to the reservation. This is the double bind that Devil's Doorway presents Indians cannot assimilate and cannot be contained, but instead are forced into a hopeless and violent conflict with the settler community. In the film, prejudicial laws and attitudes bar Lance from participating in the American Dream and the frontier economy of masculinity that are so central to the traditional hero of the Western genre. Indians are prohibited from buying alcohol, owning or homesteading land, and living away from the reservation even legal recourse is nearly beyond their means. Territorial Wyoming is no longer the egalitarian society in which the assimilated Lance can build his cattle business. Devil's Doorway reveals white-initiated violence and racism to be institutional...

Classics on the Western The Evolving Scholarly Vision

Smith's classic began with eighteenth-century visions of the frontier and marched forward through Manifest Destiny, the works of James Fenimore Cooper, and the dime novels of Ned Buntline to the great agrarian myths embodied in the Homestead Act, the importance of a positive vision of the railroad as an agent of progress, and the efforts by John Wesley Powell and others to preserve the West by settling it on sound ecological principles. On issues such as the safety valve theory, Smith showed the disparity between ardent belief and the cruel realities of migration to an undeveloped frontier. Smith is famous for his dissection of the great historian's vision The idea of nature at the frontier suggested to Turner a poetic account of the influence of free land as rebirth, a regeneration, a rejuvenation of man and society constantly recurring where civilization came into contact with the wilderness along the frontier (253). The general lesson of The Virgin Land was that America's future as...

Oscar Micheaux b Metropolis Illinois January d March

Oscar Micheaux

Born in a small town in southern Illinois to a schoolteacher mother and an agriculturist father, the influence of his parentage can be seen in themes that would emerge in his films the importance of landownership, an appreciation for those that work the land, and the value of education. In 1910 he became a homesteader in South Dakota. His skills as an entrepreneur were revealed when he prospered as a novelist, selling his works first to his fellow South Dakotans, white farmers whose land surrounded his own, and later nationally. His third novel, The Homesteader (1917), attracted the interest of the Los Angeles based Lincoln Motion Picture Company, which wanted to adapt it into a film. Micheaux agreed, under the stipulation that he be hired to direct. When Lincoln refused, he founded the Micheaux Film and Book Company, which would later grow to include distribution offices in three locations Chicago Roanoke, Virginia and Beaumont, Texas. His first film, the first feature film directed...


Unforgiven conforms to the characteristics of the Western genre but presents us with some developments. One of the interesting things about this film is the way in which it takes the characteristics of a genre that reached its creative heights in the 1940s and 1950s and reinvents them for a 1990s audience. This discussion will focus on two examples, the setting of the homestead and the role of the Western hero, and consider how Unforgiven takes these staples of the genre and develops them. The isolated homestead is one of the iconographic images of the Western. Typically it represents the values of pioneering white America. In films like The Searchers (Ford, USA, 1956) the homestead is an oasis of civilisation surrounded by the lawless wilderness that is the untamed West. A central concern of all Westerns is the tension conflict between civilisation and the wilderness. The homestead is presented as an essentially female domain, thus encouraging us to associate civilising values with...

Race Movies

This sound film, and the silent films that preceded it, like Lincoln Picture's The Realization of a Negro's Ambition (1916) and Micheaux's The Homesteader (1919), the first feature film by an African American, presented themes in concert with the racial uplift movement, an effort by African Americans to combat the unrelenting ideological and physical assaults aimed at their communities. During the period in which these film companies were formed, African Americans had to contend with lynchings (the practice was at its height between 1880 and 1940), race riots, the philosophy and practices of eugenics (pseudoscientific theories of racial inferiority), and psychological theses that rendered African Americans deviant and pathological. Ideologies of racial uplift based their opposition in the assertion of African Americans as civilized humans deserving of

The Drifter

Devil's Doorway tells the story of Broken Lance, or Lance Poole (Robert Taylor), a Shoshone Indian and decorated Civil War veteran who returns to his tribe's ancestral land, a valley called Sweet Meadows, only to find that unchecked prejudice and greed have come with Wyoming's territorial incorporation and the railroad. Under the Homestead Act, whites could file homestead claims but Indians could not as a result, Lance is unable to claim ownership of Sweet Meadows though he has worked the land for years as a profitable cattle ranch. The town's most prominent lawyer, Verne Coolan (Louis Calhern), is a racist Guy Trosper's script for Devil's Doorway which Mann called the best I have ever read 4 went through major alterations between 1946 and 1949, from a Western that pits a drifter against a big cattleman to a reactivation of the silent era's sympathetic and reformist Indian drama. 5 Trosper's original short story, entitled The Drifter, emphasizes conflict between cattle barons and...

The Role of Women

It is significant that in both the imperial films and the cavalry trilogy some of the newcomers to army life are women, demonstrating their importance within the social unit. The representation of women here is different from their role in the classic Western. In the Western, one of the oppositional conflicts is between the hero's independence and his integration into the community signified by marriage. Such films draw a sharp line between the man's world and the domestic sphere. This division is apparent in The Westerner (1940) between the exclusively male world of the cattleman and Judge Roy Bean (Walter Brennan) and the world of the domesticated homesteader represented by the farmer's daughter Jane Ellen (Doris Davenport). The hero, Cole Hardin (Gary Cooper), eventually chooses socialization and marries the farmer's daughter. In many Westerns, this tension between independence and domestication is irresolvable, and although the hero flirts with the idea of settling down, more...

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