Creating A Screenplay

Creating and protecting a screenplay can be both artistically and legally challenging:

• Legally, the simplest route is to write it yourself. (See Writing a Screenplay by Yourself, p. 61.)

• Even if you are the sole author of a screenplay, if you're adapting another person's work, you will need his or her permission to do so. (See Screenplay Adaptations, p. 88.)

• If you are writing with another person, you should be aware of the legal implications of collaborative writing and joint authorship. (See Writing Collaboration, p. 63.)

• If you are basing the script on someone's life story, you will need to secure the rights. (See Life Story Rights, p. 94.)

• Regardless of how the screenplay is written, you should protect it by registering the copyright. (See Copyright Registration, p. 106.)

• If, instead of writing the screenplay yourself, you are buying or optioning the screenplay, you have a slightly different set of concerns. (See Acquiring Screenplay Rights, p. 73.)

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Film Making

Film Making

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