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If you're planning on making a film for your own amusement and have no intention of trying to make money from it, you can probably skim through this section.

But if you're like most filmmakers, you would like the possibility of selling or licensing your film some day.Whether you hope to see your film in the theaters, on cable TV, or on DVDs distributed worldwide, you'd like some return on your financial investment. It should come as no surprise then that if you want your film to make money, you need to treat your production as a business.

This section covers many of the key issues needed when setting up and financing your production company:

• How to choose and create the right type of company. (See Setting Up the Production Company, p. 25.)

• How to contract with loan-out companies commonly used by actors and other artists. (See Loan-Out Companies, p. 31.)

• Select and hire professionals such as lawyers and accountants. (See Your Professional Team, p. 33.)

• How to ensure your company retains ownership of the film property. (See The Company as Owner of the Film, p. 31.)

• Learn what kinds of insurance you need to have in place before making your movie. (See Insurance, p. 37.)

• Decide how to finance your film and watch out for common financing traps. (See Financing Your Movie, p. 41.)

• What to do if someone threatens to sue your company. (See Cease-and-Desist Letters and Lawsuits, p. 35.)

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Film Making

Film Making

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