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Distribution is the act of licensing the film to exhibitors, broadcasters, and other parties in exchange for a fee. It is the Holy Grail for filmmakers—without distribution, a film will not make money. Of course, even with a distribution deal, a film might not make money, but if the distributor does its job, at least the film will be seen by prospective licensors and buyers.These licensors and buyers range from theatrical exhibitors, network television broadcasters and cable casters, to airlines and military bases, to retail stores that sell DVDs.

This section will explore:

• The role of a distribution company. (See What Distributors Do, p. 227.)

• How the money gets from the audience's pocket into yours. (See The Money Pipeline, p. 229.)

• Common varieties of distribution deals. (See Types of Distribution Deals, p. 228.)

• How to negotiate a distribution deal. (See The Distribution Rights Acquisition Agreement, p. 228.)

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Film Making

Film Making

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