The Law Library

The remainder of the book contains your very own portable law library. Here you will find material that fleshes out and supplements the topics presented in the main part of the book.

The library is composed of four sections:

• Appendix A: A Filmmaker's Guide To Intellectual Property (p. 247)

Learn more about copyright; rights of publicity; defamation; privacy law; and moral rights.

• Appendix B:A Filmmaker's Guide To Contract Law (p. 283)

Learn more about contract law basics; contract formation; types of contracts; breach of contact.

• Appendix C:The Clause Companion (p. 291)

Learn more about typical contract clauses found in most film and video contracts.

• Appendix D: A Filmmaker's Guide To Labor and Employment Law (p. 307)

Learn more about independent contractors and employees; legal requirements for employers; dealing with child labor laws particular to the film industry.

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