Compensation Method for Inaccurate Meters

Light-meter accuracy and consistency are essential for good results. Many large camera stores and repair shops will run a simple "known light source" test on your meter for a small charge. If the test indicates that your meter is reading one-half to one stop under or over normal and can't be adjusted for some reason, you can compensate for this by using an alternative ASA number. For example, if the meter is supposed to read f/5.6 at 1/125 set at ASA 400, but instead reads f/4 at 1/125, simply reset the ASA to 800. The meter will now register accurate exposures, and from now on ASA 800 will represent ASA 400 when that meter is used. To help you remember to double the ASA, tape a reminder to the outside of the meter.

This method will work if the meter is inaccurate by the same amount throughout the scale. If it's off by different amounts on the high and low ends of its range, leave it at the repair shop.

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