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June in Sevres was taken in a small town outside of Paris with an Olympus XA 35 mm camera using Kodacolor II film normally rated at ASA 100.1 previsualized this as a rich, somber image with saturated color and June's back as a bright, pure form against the dark grass.

The XA is an aperture-preferred automatic camera, and its recommended exposure would have shown detail throughout the image. To bracket exposures with automatic cameras, it is necessary to bypass the meter's preference by changing the ASA setting according to the following rule: Using a higher than normal ASA rating will decrease the exposure, while using a lower setting will increase it.

In taking this picture, I first exposed one frame using the normal ASA and another at ASA 150. This in effect fooled the camera's built-in meter into placing its readings one-half zone lower than normal, resulting in the image shown.

Christine on Tomales Bay, 2005.

This moment presented itself to be photographed early one morning in Northern California. The camera I used was a Nikon D70 digital camera set to raw format at ISO 200.

To avoid digital noise in the subtle darker areas I biased the exposure toward the soft glow of the highlights as described in the section of Chapter 10 titled The Zone System of Digital Exposure: Exposing for the Highlights.

The initial tonal adjustments were done with Adobe's Camera Raw Utility. The file was sharpened with PhotoKit Capture Sharpener and the final color corrections were made with Photoshop's Levels command.

I printed this image on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper with an Epson 4000 inkjet printer.

Christine on Tomales Bay, 2005.
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