Exposure Placement Demonstration with Polaroid Films

The advantage of doing this demonstration with your own materials is that it will give you an opportunity to test your ability to solve a simple exposure problem. On the other hand, the fastest way to see the result of this process is to work with any color Polaroid camera.

With any Polaroid color camera, photograph a dark and a light wall. It is important that you fill the frame with each wall so that none of the surrounding area is included in the image. Also, to obscure any surface detail, do not focus the camera, if this is possible. When both pictures are developed, you will see that they bear little resemblance to the two walls. In fact, if you have done this correctly, the two pictures should be very similar in tone. Any difference between the two images will be the result of the different response that the color film has to different colors and to the compensation that the meter makes to very high or low light values. The point is that the two pictures will be much closer in value to each other than they are to the walls themselves.

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