Judy Dater

This untitled photograph was taken very late in the afternoon after the sun had set. I was attracted to the strange and inexplicable white boulder sitting on the dark red-brown earth. I wanted to heighten the contrast of the white rock, rope, and figure against the dark ground. I metered the earth and placed it on Zone III. Then I metered the rock and found that I would have to develop the film at N + 2 to bring it up to Zone VII. This produced the desired effect.

Judy Dater is one of the best known fine-arts photographers in the world. Her work has appeared in major museum exhibitions and photography publications, and she has been awarded the Dorothea Lange Award of the Oakland Museum and the Guggenheim Award for her outstanding contributions to photography. She is the author of Women and Other Visions with Jack Welpott, and Imogen Cunningham: A Portrait and Cycles published in 1994.

DEVELOPER: Kodak HC-110, Dilution B DEVELOPMENT TIME: 10 minutes

Colour Contrast Imogen
Untitled, 1983.

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