Overexposure results in negatives that are too dense in the important shadow areas of the print. Prints made from negatives that are overexposed will be gray and lack richness and depth.

FIGURE 2 An example of a print made from an overexposed negative.

Overexposed negatives are often excessively grainy with shadow areas that are too light, but it's possible to correct for this to some extent by giving your print more exposure under the enlarger.

10 Chapter 2 Print Quality and Negative Contrast Underdevelopment

Film development has its main effect on the denser or highlight areas of the negative. An underdeveloped negative will be too thin in these areas and the resulting print generally will be too dark with no sense of light or brilliance.

FIGURE 3 An example of a print made from an underdeveloped negative.

Underdeveloped negatives usually print flat on normal grades of paper, but using a higher than your normal grade can compensate for this to some extent.

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