Sheet Film

Using the exposures listed on the Exposure Record, expose the four sets of film holders according to the following procedure. This will ensure that the exposures of all four sets are identical. It will also help you identify each sheet for future reference.

a. Put your large pad in the test area in a clearly visible place. The writing on this pad will be easier to read in the test prints if you avoid putting it in a brightly lit area of the scene.

b. In large letters, write "1A" on the pad, then expose sheet 1 of set A as listed on your Exposure Record.

c. Write "1B" on the notepad and then expose sheet 1 of set B using the same exposure you used for sheet 1A. Label sheet 1 of sets C and D on the note pad and give them the same exposure.

d. After stopping down one-half stop as listed on the Exposure Record, label and expose sheet 2 of sets A, B, C, and D.

e. Follow the same procedure to expose and label the rest of the sheets in each set.

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