Next it's important to make sure that your exposure places the highlight reading as close to the proper Zone VII value as possible so that the available levels don't have to be stretched too far. (See the above section The Zone System of Digital Exposure for a complete description of why this is important.)

The following is a brief summary of the steps detailed in the above section Exposing for the Highlights.

• Carefully meter the Important Highlights of your subject.

• Make note of the meter's recommended exposure for these areas.

• Remember that the meter's recommended exposure would render these areas as Zone V or middle gray.

• Since Zone V is two stops darker than Zone VII, opening up two stops from the meter's recommended exposure for the textured highlight will accurately Place them on Zone VII. This will be the perfect exposure for digital cameras!

Chapters 4 and 5 of this book explain the general theory behind this process in great detail.

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