Calculate your exposures and fill in the blank spaces of your Exposure Record using the following procedure. You will expose the first frame of your test roll or the number 1 sheets of your four sets of film using the manufacturer's recommended ASA. The exposures of the remaining frames will be bracketed by half stops for one or two full stops in both directions from this starting point. As explained in the introduction, bracketing exposures has the same effect as changing the ASA.

Under column A, labeled "S Speed," list the shutter speed chosen for your test exposures. For greater accuracy, it is important that you bracket using the f/stops rather than the shutter speeds. Choose a shutter speed that allows you a two-stop range of apertures on either side of the starting point for roll-film tests and one stop above and below for sheet film.

Under column B, labeled "F/Stop," list the apertures of your test exposures using the formulas listed below. Use plan A for roll-film tests and plan B for sheet-film tests.

Note: You will expose the first frames of your test rolls and sheets using the aperture recommended when the meter is set at the standard ASA for the film used. Thereafter, you will adjust your exposure by half stops in both directions from this starting point without changing the ASA on the meter's dial. Only the aperture should be changed during these test exposures.

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