The RIP Solution

The procedures and principles I've described in the preceding sections are vital for all digital photographers to know and understand but I must admit that, in real life, I base my digital printing workflow on an expensive but extremely effective alternative called a Raster Image Processor (RIP). There are a number of these on the market but I use the ImagePrint RIP produced by Colorbyte. A RIP completely replaces the color management systems built into the Photoshop Print w/Preview box and the ink jet printer driver with its own sophisticated software, which applies high-quality profiles, flexible page layout tools, and remarkably effective ink-handling solutions. One of the problems continuing to plague even the best color-managed systems is the fact that ink jet printers have a difficult time rendering grayscale images with perfectly neutral black and gray tonal values. There currently are also frustrating limitations on the size of the print you can make on roll paper when using the built-in print drivers that are available. RIPs completely resolve all of these problems and even offer specialized profiles designed to neutralize color shifts that appear when your print is viewed under florescent and tungsten light sources. As I mentioned, RIPs are expensive, but I've found that they are well worth the investment if your goal is to produce the highest quality digital images.

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