Since the first edition was published, I had the opportunity to serve as the Anschutz Distinguished Fellow at Princeton University. The semester was valuable in shaping many of the ideas contained in this new edition, and I am grateful to my students and to Sean Wilentz and Judith Ferszt of Princeton's American Studies program. Special thanks also go to those whose interviews appear in these pages (listed in Sources and Notes in Part V), and to Paula Apsell, Barbara Decharo, Martha Fowlkes,

Peter Frumkin, Jim Gilmore, Robert Lavelle, Xan Parker, Terry Rockefeller, Kate Roth, Susanne Simpson, Bennett Singer, Eric Stange, and Melanie Wallace. Thanks to Deborah Schneider and Cathy Gleason at Gelfman-Schneider, and to manuscript reviewers including Debbie Brodsky, Valerie Brown, Jennifer Lawson, Peter Lutze, Michael Ogden, Geoff Poister, and Linda Sever. Special thanks to the team at Focal Press, especially Elinor Actipis, senior acquisitions editor, for their guidance and support through both editions. For everything else, I need to thank my parents, David and Kathleen Bernard; my sisters, brother, and their families; and Joel D. Scheraga.

Sheila Curran Bernard October 2006

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