Put Lists in an Order That Builds or Descends

This is fairly straightforward. You want your paragraphs to pack a punch. Look at the following line of narration from the series Liberty! The American Revolution, describing the British invasion of New York in 1776: 30,000 troops. 10,000 sailors. 300 supply ships. 30 battleships with 1200 cannons. It is the largest seaborne attack ever attempted by England until the 20th century. What's great about this is that the build is not by number but by power; in fact, the numbers decrease from 30,000 (troops) to 1 (attack). But the power goes from men to supply ships to battleships, and news of the force that's about to hit the newly-independent states is delivered with a sentence that jumps the chronology and lands us, very briefly, in the present. It's very effective drama.

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