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Even the most polished treatments are written before all of the pieces are in place; you don't know what you'll discover on the film shoot or what terrific visuals you'll find in somebody's attic. Most importantly, it's often the case that you're writing the treatment to raise money to do necessary research; you're doing the best you can with the resources you have, but you know that there's a lot more you need to learn before you can go out to shoot. One solution is to acknowledge these gaps by describing, in general terms, types or scenes that you believe you'll need. For example, "A trainer describes what it's like to work with thoroughbred horses and takes us through the paces of an early-morning workout." Or, "We are searching for an expert in queuing theory who can apply his or her theoretical work to the design of amusement parks, and we will find parents who know from experience that there is a limit to how long their children, and they themselves, are willing to wait in line."

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