11. A Production Designer's Cinema: Historical 139 Authenticity in Popular Films Set in the Past

Michele Pierson

12. The New Spatial Dynamics of the Bullet-Time Effect 151 Lisa Purse

13. 'I was dreaming I was awake and then I woke up and 161 found myself asleep': Dreaming, Spectacle and Reality in Waking Life

Paul Ward

14. Cannibal Holocaust and the Pornography of Death 173 Julian Petley

15. Beyond the Blair Witch: A New Horror Aesthetic? 187 Peg Aloi

16. Spectres and Capitalism / Spectacle and the Horror 201 Film

Mike Wayne

17. Looking On: Troubling Spectacles and 213 the Complicitous Spectator

Michele Aaron

18. The Enigma of the Real: The Qualifications for Real 223 Sex in Contemporary Art Cinema

8 Tanya Krzywinska ce

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