How to Get Your Acting Business Without a Day Job?

How To Build Your Acting Business Without A Day Job

Acting business is not easy to build especially when you’re broke. However, what if we tell you that there are plenty of online ways that can help you earn your livelihood and let you focus on your acting all at once?

The power of the online regime

The advent of the internet has made an impact no one can deny. It has brought people together to socialize. But more important than that, it has made doing business quite easy even for the mundane person – the average joe out there. If people are reaping so many benefits and are earning in 6 figures, can’t you? You can, absolutely.

Actually, the question is not whether you can earn that much or not, it is how you can do that? What are the definite ways of earning online so that you don’t have to

  • Wait tables,
  • Work at any gas station, or
  • Do anything else that can keep you from your acting business.

While you can search online for all the ways, there’s still a better way to find all that out.

No More Waiters: How to Build Your Acting Business Without A Day Job?

This is the secret we mentioned. The book with the above title and answers that solves the mystery of online earning.

The book is a reflection of one of the actors you’ve been seeing in soaps, TV commercials, and almost everywhere. We are talking about Bones Rodriguez. He has been a successful actor for decades now and has garnered a fat fan following for himself. But he’s not only an actor. He’s an author, entrepreneur, and because of the book, a mentor of emerging actors like you.

He alone makes some $400,000 from his acting business and so, he doesn’t have to work anywhere or have a day job. Things for him were cruel as they are for you now. He, too, had to wait tables and carry out a sluggish day job to eke out his bare existence until he found out about online money making.

He didn’t find out about the secret overnight. It, in fact, took years for him to try and fail and then again try for something better. But as it happens with many efforts, he finally found the secret treasure.

Now, according to him, he wants to share that knowledge with you. He wants to teach you the difference between learning to act and being a successful actor because hey, you know people only agree to your acting skills and career once you start making fortunes.

So, do you want to make fortunes by earning online all the while focusing on your acting career? If yes, then you’re safe. This way, you’d take yourself out of the 95% actors who have quit their jobs because they could not pay their bills by having a day job as a waiter. They could not have the best of both world, so they chose the lucrative one, less stressful one, that is earning from a day job.

But in the midst of all that earning, they lost their acting skills and thus, their motivation.

Will Bones’ book benefit you?

The simple answer is that it certainly will help you with that. Once you acquire it, you wouldn’t have to

  • Spend years on learning something that is out there,
  • Spend $10000 like Bones did on some course to change his life,
  • Worry about losing your acting prowess,
  • Let go of your dreams to earn credits on IMDB.

Just like Bones himself, you’d be able to change your life, overhaul it completely and start earning big. As we said at the start, because of this, you’ll have plenty of time reflecting on your skills as an actor and everything related to it.

The book alone has this ability. Let’s have a breakdown of it.

The breakdown of “No More Waiters: How to Build Your Acting Business Without A Day Job?”

In a short summary, here’s what you’ll find in the book.

  • A wealth of knowledge on why actors fail?
  • How to overcome competition?
  • How to put your career before your money-making desires?
  • Bartending is never for an emerging actor. Learn all the ways in which you can avoid falling in this pit.
  • Techniques to create a successful acting career with a successful plan.
  • Self-sabotaging behaviors are detrimental. Know how to leave them out.
  • And of course, how to earn online?

There are bonuses as well.


The book literally promises to transform your life as an actor and help you earn more than you can handle. So, why not give it a chance? The best thing is that you get all these bonuses.

Bonus 1: No More Waiters MP3 Audios

This bonus contains all the mp3 files of the book so that you can learn faster and grasp more.

Bonus 2: No More Waiters Live Webinar Replay

In another exclusive offer, you get 90 minutes containing all the information on the lies circulating the acting profession, getting agents, and working full-time in acting.

How To Build Your Acting Business Without A Day Job
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