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ScriptVocalizer is a text-to-speech engine. It’s one of the best tools you can find in the market with great features for voice-overs. The app makes video creation simple and straightforward for everyone, including those who know nothing about voice-overs.  It synthesizes any text you provide into clear and high-quality audio. What’s more, it converts text into a speech that sounds real in either male or male voice. To access it, you need an authorized app with unrestricted access to the Amazon Polly.

The Developer

ScriptVocalizer is the creation of Andrew Darius. He is an experienced digital marketer and a professional software developer.  His other notable products include Explaindio Player, OptinUp and the SalesCopyMaker. His latest product, the ScriptVocalizer, is proof of how his tools help marketers achieve their goals by enhancing their performance. It has unique features, and the benefits are endless.

How to use ScriptVocalizer

While there are other tools with voice over features, some do not allow you to use the voices away from the apps. ScriptVocalizer is unique, which makes it possible to generate featured voice-overs using Amazon Polly.  This tool will enable you to use 24 languages and has 47 types of lifelike voices. You can share the voice-overs or save them in your device to listen to later. Here are steps to follow when using it:

  • The first step is selecting the preferred language and ideal voice for your voice over.
  • Then paste your text.
  • Press the button labeled "create."

With these three simple steps, your voice-over will be ready for use.

Features of the ScriptVocalizer

ScriptVocalizer comes with great features that make the work of a marketer or a freelancer easier. They include:

  • This tool allows you to export the voice-overs, and you can use them with a video application of your choice. The voice-overs are stored automatically in the dropbox, Amazon S3, or Google Drive. But, you can also download them into your device.
  • The voice-over tool offers different languages and a wide range of both female and male natural voices. The voices are high quality with the fluid pronunciation of the given text. This makes it ideal for video ads, sales letters, affiliate videos, video ads, and any other video of your choice. The 24 languages offered by the tool ensure you can reach the major countries in the world. The 47 natural human voices are named in simple ways ad you can mark the one that brings you good business and stick to it.
  • If you are a freelancer, this app has full license meaning, apart from making your videos, you can also get paid to create voice-overs for others and make some money.
  • The voice-overs take a few minutes to create. This enables you to save money and time — no more expensive charges from people who do voice-overs.
  • ScriptVocalizer does not require downloading or any installation. It is cloud-based, and so you go directly to the app, and then select the language you want and paste your text. Click the create button, and your content will be ready in minutes.

Benefits of ScriptVocalizer

  • The voices sound natural, giving you quality content to use worldwide.
  • Allows you to store and redistribute the speech without extra charges. The speech files can be in formats such as OGG and MP3 and get them from the cloud, your apps or preferred device for offline use
  • Once the content is sent to the app, the audio comes back to your application in a stream, and you can use the voices immediately. It offers fast response, and you do not have to wait for hours to get your video voice-over ready.
  • You can control the voices until they sound exactly how you want them to. This tool supports SSML and lexicons tags that allow you to control your voice-over’s pitch, pronunciation, rate, speed, and other aspects.
  • No professional skills are required for you to use this tool. It is simple and straightforward for everyone.

Audio is used in different ways, and it compliments both written and visual communication. Voicing content increase chances of reaching more people. People will consume your content as they work other things because they can listen.

ScriptVocalizer generates speech in several languages, making it easy for you to add it to applications that have a global audience, including videos, websites, and RSS feeds. Regardless of your current location, having this will boost your exposure online.


ScriptVocalizer gives you the ability to develop characters and give them voices; it comes in handy when working a project with a strict deadline or you need to develop videos in different languages. The sound and the language integrate seamlessly. If you are looking for efficiency, get yours today; it will increase your speed to reach your targeted market.

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