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Wavenetvocalizer Voice-Over Software

About Wavenetvocalizer

Wavenetvocalizer is an application used for generating full featured voice-overs from any text. The application can help you generate natural human voices for male and female in a vast variety of languages.

The software comes with commercial rights, meaning you can sell your creations at whatever price you wish.

About the Author

This product was created by none other than Andrew Darius. You probably remember him from another one of his groundbreaking video marketing application called Motioney. He is a leading product developer on JVZoo and has managed to launch countless successful applications. Apart from Wavenetvocalizer, other products he has designed include Motioney, SalesVideoCreator, Elite Video Traffic, PicAnimate, Stop Motion Creator, Promoyze, AscendPages, among many more.

His countless products have use numerous users to thrive in their respective niche markets

Advantages of Wavenetvocalizer

  • Generates unlimited number of voice-overs

With this tool, you can create 84 lifelike voices named in the manner you will easily remember.

The application also includes 21 languages as well as dialects so your message can reach a wide geographic.

This will help you create and deliver high-quality voice output that will enable you to design perfect sales letters, video ads, explainer videos, affiliate video reviews and many more.

The tool can also automatically store your creations into Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3. Additionally, you can download the voice-over directly to your desktop.

  • Commercial license included

Products with commercial license means you can easily get the money you invested in it quickly by selling whatever you create using the software.

In the case of Wavenetvocalizer, you can create the voice-overs for your own use or sell them and keep all the profits.

  • Includes free updates

Wavenetvocalizer uses the top of the line technology from Wave Net, and whenever new features are released, you will automatically be updated without any fees.

  • Easy to use

It is just point and click, with Wavenetvocalizer, including 3 simple steps. You can create your amazing voice-overs in just seconds.

  • Cloud-based application

Wavenetvocalizer is 100% based on clouds. This means that you don’t have to undergo tedious installation processes or even download.

  • Available on Mac and PC

You can access the software using any Mac and PC devices as long as you are connected to the internet.

How it Works

Wavenetvocalizer doesn’t require any technical skills to use. Anyone can use the software like a pro, as it only includes 3 steps involving drag and drop.

To create a voice-over, you will need first to access the main dashboard. Log in to your account to access user area dashboard.

In the dashboard, click Add new to get started. Next, enter the Filename, and then choose the language of your liking. The system supports 21 languages and 84 voice options for male and female.

You can listen to the samples of each voice inside the software.

Next step, you will need to choose your Storage between Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3.

The final step is simply copy pasting your text in the edit box. You will find many options provided in this section where you can select break weak to break strong, reduced emphasis, say as ordinal or say as cardinal, moderate emphasis and strong emphasis.

There is also an interesting feature that allows you to translate the voice into different language.

After that, just click create button and you are done.

And just like that, you will have your own voice-over. The software will automatically upload your creation onto the selected storage destination.

Please note that files are deleted from the local storage within 48 hours of creation, so you should download it and save it to your computer.

Who should use Wavenetvocalizer?

Anyone can use Wavenetvocalizer software to create their own voice-overs, either for use or sell.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to earn some bucks on the side, especially on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr.

But more importantly, it was designed for those who use videos in their marketing campaigns, including video marketers, online store owners, local businesses, freelancers, video agencies, bloggers, offline marketers, product creators, social media marketers and online coaches.

Pros and Cons of Wavenetvocalizer


  • 100% cloud based software
  • Create unlimited number of voice-overs
  • Available on both PC and Mac
  • Point and click- no technical required
  • Includes free updates
  • Comes with commercial license
  • Superior quality
  • Affordable
  • Dedicated online customer support
  • The team behind the application have a history of creating great software


  • The only drawback associated with Wavenetvocalizer is that you need to have internet connection strong enough to run the application.

Wavenetvocalizer Bonuses

The software comes with astonishing number of bonuses that I can’t name all of them today. But some of them include:

  • Power Tools Video Site Builder

This bonus will help you design and create your own video site instantly featuring Amazon ads, Adsense, unique web templates, and SEO solutions.

  • Video Playbook

You will discover the best ways to use video on your site and earn more money.

  • Free Traffic System Advanced

This bonus includes a set of video tutorials that will help you learn methods of free traffic generation you can use to your website today.

Wavenetvocalizer Voice-Over Software
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