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The Next Great Hire

This online course is your complete crash course on how to get your first entry-level sales job. In the field of sales, everything is based on how you perform. However, when you have no experience from the past, how are you supposed to show them that you are the right person for the job? You don't have any real way to prove that you are the person that they are looking for. Now, with this guide, you don't have to worry about that anymore. This guide teaches you what the top managers are looking for, and what you need to do to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job. This course was designed by Lauren Brasier, a college athlete who became a top New York City sales executive. All the information from this 6-part course is information that has been repeatedly tested in real-life sales examples.

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Contents: Online Course
Author: Lauren Brasier
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In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

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Charge and security assignment

B. the Sales Agency Agreement and all of the Borrower's right, title, benefit and interest to and in the same including, without limitation, any and all sums of money whatever payable to or on account of the Borrower by the Sales Agent pursuant to the Sales Agency Agreement 2.1.2 The Borrower hereby undertakes to hold in trust for the Bank any monies paid to the Borrower by the Sales Agent pursuant to the Sales Agency Agreement, and by the Distributor pursuant to the Distribution Agreement or by any insurers pursuant to the Insurance Policies and will notify the Bank forthwith upon the receipt of any such monies and immediately credit the same to the Collection Account to be paid subject to the Recoupment Schedule and the Collection Agreement.

Covenants and warranties

M. not to modify or vary or waive any of its rights pursuant to the Sales Agency Agreement, or the Distribution Agreement or the Laboratory Pledgeholder's Agreement or breach or terminate any such agreements n. that it has no knowledge of any notification or assertion of any prior claims by any third party in priority to the Bank's to any of the advances or other payments required to be made pursuant to the Sales Agency Agreement or to the Borrower's or any other party's right to compensation or other payment under the Distribution Agreement o. to keep all necessary and proper accounts of its dealings with the Sales Agent under the Sales Agency Agreement, and the Distributor under the Distribution Agreement and such accounts shall at all reasonable times be open to the inspection of the Bank or of any Receiver appointed under this Charge or of any person authorized by the Bank or any such Receiver p. that it will in a timely manner perform its obligations under the Sales Agency...

The Filmmakers Responsibility

Producers know their programs better than anyone, Chip reminds us. I encourage them to provide me with any information they may have so that my salespeople can follow up on their contacts. Also, I ask producers whenever they have the chance to use word of mouth to direct people to the Web site, then we can take it from there.

Promotion through Distribution

I do work with certain PBS and independent stations to promote programs, he explains. It is one way of getting sales. My twentieth anniversary catalogue went to thousands of educators, librarians, museums, medical institutions, and television programmers. We send out thousands of one-sheet press releases on an individual basis and enter certain programs into festivals. I have five salespeople who contact customers every business day of the year. I have invested over 200,000 in software, which allows us to provide custom-made proposals for each customer we contact. I believe in individualizing calls because each customer may have a different need, so our software assists with that. We allow all 'home use' customers to preview our programs at no charge, sending out thousands of previews a year. Lastly, of course, we invest daily in our Web site,, which includes full descriptions, awards, and review information.

Expanding the Perspective

Dig deeper, and ask yourself who else might add perspective to a story. If you're talking to policy experts for a film on education, you might want to explore what a second-grade teacher would add. If you're doing a film about corporate scandals, an interesting perspective might come from a realtor trying to sell the homes of some former executives who are now in prison.

B Emmanuel Goldenberg Bucharest Romania December d January

With the success of Little Caesar, Robinson went on to play a string of criminal characters in a series of Warner Bros. films through the 1930s. Robinson sought to escape genre typecasting and expand his range, playing such roles as the title character in the biopic Dr. Erlich's Magic Bullet (1940), about the nineteenth-century scientist who developed a cure for syphilis, and the steadfast and paternal insurance agent Barton Keyes in the classic film noir, Double Indemnity (1944). However, a number of these subsequent roles clearly depended on Robinson's established gangster persona, such as the gruff ship's captain Larson in the adventure film The Sea Wolf (1941) and the cruel Dathan in The Ten Commandments (1956).

Collection Agreements

Collection Account Management Agreements have become an important aspect of a film financing transaction. Before the widespread use of collection accounts and the engagement of collection management companies, revenues from the sale of a film to international distributors were usually administered by the sales agents. Those entitled to receive revenues from sales would sometimes find it difficult to get statements or payments to which they were entitled from the sales agent. Many sales agents would mix funds with the sales from other films and, in some cases, charge exorbitant costs on top of their already expensive sales commissions. When challenged by an investor or the producer, certain sales agents would make it very difficult to provide proper reports. In many cases, a sales agent would go bankrupt and therefore any funds that the investor or producer were entitled to would be virtually impossible to collect. Those with a financial interest in a film include co-producers,...

Laboratory Pledgeholders Agreement

When a bank is involved in a film financing transaction, they will require an agreement from the laboratory that processes the film materials stating that the negatives and all of the materials in possession at the laboratory will be held to the order of the bank and will not be released to the producer without the bank's prior written approval. The bank will give the laboratory permission for any distributors or the sales agents to duplicate negatives to meet their specific print requirements or delivery requirements. 5. Sales Agent of ('Sales Agent') We refer to the proposed arrangement with the Producer and the Sales Agent, pursuant to which we have been engaged as the laboratory with respect to the Film (the 'Agreement'). Capitalized words and expressions used herein shall have the following meanings unless otherwise specified

A Definitions and interpretations

'Delivery Materials' shall mean all materials, information, documentation and any other thing whatsoever which we shall create or produce in relation to the Film in preparation for the delivery of the Film to the Sales Agent or the Producer. ii. The rights of the Sales Agent to obtain access to the Delivery Materials strictly in accordance with the terms of the sale agency agreement with dated (the 'Sales Agent Agreement') and solely for the purpose of properly marketing and selling the Film throughout the world (but provided that the Sales Agent is not at any time in material breach of the Sales Agent Agreement or of the Interparty Agreement between, inter alia, you, the Sales Agent and the Producer of even date herewith (the 'Interparty Agreement')) and 2. We will also retain and hold in the name of the Producer but to your order from the time each of them is created or produced by us the Delivery Materials to be delivered to the Producer pursuant to the Agreement and by them on to...

Sample Recoupment Schedule

Sales Agent shall be entitled to deduct and retain a Deferred Sales Agent Fee in respect of the first Gross Receipts received up to in accordance with paragraph 2. Sales Agent shall be entitled to deduct and retain the Sales Agent Fee from Gross Receipts received beyond the first as set forth in the paragraph 2(c), such fee being inclusive of all sub-Sales Agent fees and any Sales Agent or similar fees (whether or not paid to affiliates, subsidiaries or other companies related to Sales Agent) with respect to the exploitation and Sales Agent of the Film. 2. Allocation of Sales Agent's Gross Receipts. Sales Agent agrees that Gross Receipts derived from the Territory shall be applied as follows a. First, to Sales Agent until Sales Agent has received to be applied by Sales Agent in reduction of the Advance b. Second, on an ongoing basis, to the payment to Sales Agent of its Sales Agent Costs it being understood that Sales Agent Costs incurred by Sales Agent will be capped...

Criteria for Gap Financing

The banks that are now involved in the gap financing business usually have certain requirements before approving a loan. Banks, typically, will gap finance between 10 and 40 per cent of a film's budget. However, most gap financiers tend to gap only 20 per cent of a film's budget. In general, banks will not gap finance a film unless there are already several major pre-sales in place. Having a pre-sale in place shows that there is a market for this type of film and that the sale estimates given by a sales agent are accurate. One of the most important factors in a gap deal is the sales agent the bank will need to be comfortable with who they are. They will look at how long they have been in business, their reputation and whether they have worked on previous gap deals. Gap financing a film can sometimes be very advantageous to an independent producer. In a typical film financing, the gap for unsold territories is usually financed by a sales agent who puts up an advance against sales. When...

Appendix A Glossary of Film Production and Finance Terms

Cross collateralization the application of revenues derived from one source, whether a territory or a means of exploitation, towards the recoupment of an advance irrespective of revenues arising from another territory or means of exploitation all falling within the same grant to a distributor or agent. This device is generally discouraged by the lawyers of independent filmmakers, but is widely encouraged by sales agents as a means of facilitating sales. Distributor a party who organizes film distribution under a distribution agreement. See also Sales agent. Domestic rights the rights to distribute a film in North America. The world excluding North America is, just as confusingly for a non-American, often collectively referred to as 'foreign'. Eady levy a levy on the price of cinema admissions introduced in 1957, principally to provide money from film exhibition and distribution to support film production in the UK. Terminated in 1985. Gap difference between the required budget of film...

Company Distribution versus Self Distribution

Producers usually want to produce, says Chip. Self-distribution takes time, energy, and money. A good distributor takes over all the distribution tasks, and it should cost the producer no money to get their projects out there, opening time for a producer to move ahead to get more money to make more projects. Distribution is not easy. It's a lot of work, and it does cost money. We do all the art work for our producers' programs, simultaneously release the programs on DVD and video, write and send the press releases, get the project on the Internet within a few days, get it reviewed as quickly as possible, and have it in the hands of our salespeople immediately. A producer should expect that from a quality distributor. We also report our sales and royalties to the producer on a bi-annual basis, which is a standard. No producer should wait longer than six months to hear the results of a program.

Foreign Representation

If you decide to separate your territories, the chances are you'll need a foreign sales agent, who will take 20 percent of your sales or more, plus expenses off the top. He represents several films at once, sometimes even twenty or more, and because of this, and because he is familiar with the workings of the foreign markets, he will have more clout. If you go to Cannes (a marketing convention masquerading as a film festival), or MIFED in Milan, or the AFM in Santa Monica, with only one film under your arm, you're at the mercy of the predators. Thousands of films are being peddled. Why should foreign distributors give you anything but a minimum bid If you ask too high, they have hundreds of other films to choose from they won't go home empty-handed. But if a buyer tries to lowball your sales agent, he's gambling on losing twenty films or more, not to mention the sales agent's good will down the line. A foreign sales agent will need all the ammo you can supply him with, which is why,...

Duration and Extent of Rights Granted

The agreement must contain a clause that sets out how long the producer can exploit the underlying rights. For feature films it is advisable to acquire as many rights as possible for the full period of copyright. A short duration will ultimately affect the sales agent's or distributor's ability to exploit the finished film. Most financiers or end users such as distributors will not acquire rights in a film unless the producer has all rights in the underlying work and subsequent film for the full period of copyright or at least a substantial amount of time that will enable the sales agent or distributor to recoup their investment by making appropriate long-term licences sales of the film.

Distribution Agreements

Filmmakers need to keep their options open. A lot of filmmakers jump on the first deal that comes their way because they don't think anything else will happen, but the reality is that there's not a window of opportunity that opens, then closes. If a film distributor has an interest in your film, their interest will continue. So keep your options open and do your homework. Filmmakers tend to be more production than promotion oriented. Filmmakers really have to be their own salespeople and do their research and learn about all the distribution outlets to figure out which one is best for their film.

Taking the Chill Out of Cold Calling

Any sales person will tell you it takes a certain number of calls to actually reach the right person, and an additional number to make a sale, says Joni. I think when it's not your area of expertise, you tend to call once or twice and give up. Any sales person would just laugh at that. People who are not in sales also take things way too personally, while sales people take it all in stride. They know it's going to require so many calls to get a response and they know they're going to get rejected. It's a part of their day but they are relentless. Perseverance is huge, but that's where we fall short if it's not our forte. It's also something that we tend to procrastinate about. Even if you do just one hour a day of followups and making new contacts, I'm sure the payoff will come eventually.

Film Commissioner

You see, the film commissioner is almost like a sales representative for the city or state. The commissioner wants you to come in and spend your production dollars, and with the money a film can generate, that can be quite a bit. In Nevada, for instance, the fiscal year of 2001-2002 brought in an estimated 154 million. Considering that the film commission responsible spent less than half a million to get it, that's a lot of profit.

Finding Support

I feel that anyone getting into business should have at least three professionals an attorney, accountant, and insurance agent. You want these professionals to be comfortable enough to talk to one another and make sure that they're all advising you in the right direction.

Jay Leno

Born James Douglas Muir Leno on April 28, 1950, in New Rochelle, New York (three years after Letterman), Leno was the son of an Italian-American insurance agent from Andover, Massachusetts. At insurance company conventions, Angelo Leno gave the comic introductions of the vice president. Indeed, the senior Leno never missed an occasion to present his humorous take on life, and this ability impressed his son. While his father's side of the family were boisterous, fun and food-loving Italians, Leno's Scottish relatives believed in restraint and keeping a lid on their emotions. His mother had immigrated to the United States from Scotland when she was ten. In 1959 the Leno family moved to Andover, where Leno acquired his working-class New England accent.

Gross Receipts

The Recoupment Schedule set out below reflects a sales agency agreement between a sales agent and a producer in relation to an advance of funds to the producer for certain rights in a film. The term 'Advance' will also be defined in the agreement with the producer. Other terms such as 'Deferred Fees', 'Sales Agent Costs', 'Excluding Sales Agent Costs', 'Gross Receipts', 'Net Receipts', 'Film', 'Producer' and others will also be defined within the agreement. The example below reflects an agreement where the sales agent is first entitled to recoup part of the advance made to the producer. In most cases the sales agent will recoup their advance first and the other participants will follow. This example shows that there are certain equity investors who have put up cash and therefore are entitled to a specific corridor for recoupment. Second, the sales agent is entitled to deduct their costs in relation to sales. In this case, the costs are capped at 5 per cent of the total revenue payable...

Cut Through

If the completion guarantor is not part of a large insurance company, then it will obtain re-insurance from a third party insurance broker such as Lloyds of London. The re-insurance is a way for the completion guarantor to spread its risk on a production. A bank participating in financing of a film will require that they are insured directly with the insurance company rather than the third party broker. In these circumstances, the completion guarantor will arrange a 'cut through letter', which will enable the financier or bank to go directly to the re-insurer for payment if the completion guarantor fails to pay for any over-cost, abandonment or if the guarantor goes bankrupt. The terms 'Loss Payee Endorsement' or 'Cut Through Letter' are used in most financing documents.

Mobilising the past

DeMille's political activities extended further, linking him directly with US foreign policy. He was one of the original board members of the National Committee for Free Europe (NCFE), the ostensibly private organisation established by the CIA in 1949 to mobilise dissent within the Soviet satellites. This brought him into contact with C. D. Jackson, the NCFE's President and Eisenhower's future psychological warfare expert, through whom DeMille urged the Committee to target Catholics behind the Iron Curtain.51 DeMille was also on the Board of the Crusade for Freedom, an initiative launched by Eisenhower in 1950 which campaigned for the expansion of Radio Free Europe.52 In 1952, DeMille turned down a request from the Second World War hero Admiral Chester Nimitz to become the chairman of the CFF's Motion Picture Committee,53 but a year later agreed to become the USIA's chief film consultant. DeMille's main function at the USIA was to serve as liaison between the agency and Hollywood, and...


'Physical Materials' means the materials required to be delivered to the Sales Agent pursuant to the Sales Agency Agreement, and the Distributor pursuant to the Distribution Agreement, together with all physical properties of every kind or nature of or relating to the Film whether now in existence or hereafter made and all versions thereof, including, without limitation, exposed film, developed film, positives, negatives, prints, answer prints, special effects, pre-print materials, soundtracks, recordings, audio and video tapes and discs of all types and gauges, cutouts, trims and any and all other physical properties of every kind and nature relating to the Film in whatever state of completion, and all duplicates, drafts, versions, variations and copies of each thereof 'Sales Agent' means Sales Agent legal name of Sales Agent address 'Sales Agency Agreement' means the sales agency agreement entered into by the Borrower with the Sales Agent on date in connection with the distribution...

HDistribution Rights

It is hereby acknowledged that all distribution rights in the Film in the Remaining Territory shall be granted to a mutually agreed sales agent. For the avoidance of doubt any and all receipts and revenues derived by the Co-producers arising from the exploitation of the Film and all allied and ancillary rights in the Remaining Territory shall be allocated to the Co-producers in the same proportions as their contributions respectively.