Short Screenplays

The following five short screenplays present a cross section of student work at New York University. All the scripts have been produced and exhibited. Four of the scripts were written in the undergraduate program and one in the graduate program. One is the product of a collaboration. We chose these scripts for their quality and diversity in subject matter and approach.

These five screenplays offer a great range of subjects. In Another Story, Lisa Wood Shapiro offers a parable that is abstract and speaks to issues of memory and tolerance. Karyn Kusama in Sleeping Beauties also offers a parable, this time about memory and awakening sexuality.

Christian Taylor, in his script The Lady in Waiting, explores stereotypes and lost opportunities. Susan Emerling, in her script The Wounding, explores the issue of sexual abuse in the life of a young girl. All four of these films deal seriously with the lives of the women who are their major characters. Finally, Anais Granofsky and Michael Swanhaus, in Dead Letters Don't Die, write about loss and the capacity of love to help renew life.

All of these screenplays are serious, but none could have succeeded on that alone. Charisma and creative solutions to characterization, to providing catalytic action, and to bringing about resolution are hallmarks of each of these screenplays. They offer models of the short film script and can provide the reader with appropriate examples of the format used in scriptwriting.

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